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                                                                          Importer's Accreditation Processing

                                                                          Exporter's Accreditation Processing

                                                                          Purchase Order Expedition

                                                                          Import Customs Releasing

                                                                          Export Customs Processing

                                                                          Delivery Needs  

                                                                          Your Shipping and International Trade Specialist



                                                                           Track Your Container Number

                                                                           Track Your Air Waybill Number

                                                                           Track Your Bill of Lading Number

                                                                           Track Your EMS Package Number

                                                                           Track Your Courier Waybill Number

                                                                           Track Customs Releasing Status

                                                                           Know Your Estimated Item Landed Cost

                                                                           Know Your Shipment's Estimated Duties and Taxes



Registered Licensed Customs Broker, Registered Customs Brokerage, Metro Manila, Philippines

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